That Chinese Font

In this article I am going to show you how to assign different fonts using CSS for English (or any other Latin alphabet based language) and East Asian languages, more specifically Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Japanese.

Sincerely, Your Marketing Client

There are countless articles on designer-client relationships on the Internet: how to talk to your designer, 5 signs that your web designer sucks, how to get new clients, how to start getting clients. They occupy an infinite space in the Universe of Internet, neighboring the century old Planet How to Make Money, and orbited by perpetual Satellite What Is Love.

The Key Conundrum: Am I Alone?

I mean it in the most mundane way. Forget about all the existential arguments or any other discourse on the border of philosophy. Sometimes I wonder if I am literally the only one in the world who cannot accomplish a certain banal task.

Are We Too Old for That?

We assume so much self importance that we think the world would stop working because we disconnect 2 hours from the Internet. We get disappointed when we realize the world just goes on as it is with or without us in it. We stay even closer in touch with the world to never feel that disappointment ever again.